Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chuggington Second Birthday Planning.

I am crazy organised, and I can't help it!! Jydan doesn't turn two for another sevon months. I'm not wishing time away, I truely love this age, but I just love planning things!
I just love coming up with ideas and putting them aside to look back at later!

Jydan is OBSESSED with Chuggington!
I was originally going to do a zoo party, but he just loves chugginton so much! Seriously, If I hear 'more chuggington' anymore!! So yes! It will be a Chuggington themed second birthday. Here are some ideas I'm loving!

I haven't decided what outfit I want for him yet.. I can't find anything I like. I want something handmade and funky and cute though!!

I love these ticket party invitations!


I LOOOVE this cake! It's my favourite! And I 'think' I can make it! :D


I'm wanting to use these super cute chuggington cups as favours and fill them with chuggington stickers, a train wristle, and I love these chuggington pads!


So many cute decoration ideas!


You can get everything chuggington!! Exciting!


This is SO what I'm doing! Having the party food on a train!

How cute are these train sandwiches!!

I'm going to try and have it at the bike centre. It's a road and safety centre with road signs and road rules just for kids! They take their bikes and have a ball! It will suit the theme so well!

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Chuggington Live said...

I love everything about Chuggington
Chugga Chugga Chugga Toot Toot :)
This is a brilliant idea thanks for sharing