Monday, April 14, 2014

Jydan - 17 Months.

Age: 17 Months
Weight: 10.11 Kilos (22.28 pounds)
Height: 79 cm


 -Body parts-New words and having conversations.
-To climb (but not a climber)-To use a spoon
-To sleep with a blanket (slowly! preparing for winter!)-Learning animal sounds (loves a rawing lion & an elephant)
-Nursery Rhymes.


- (almost) Day potty trained!!!-Some three word sentence (Gonna call mum, more that one, no not gonna, I want more, thank you mum, no don't want, I love you)-New words all the time.-Gaining weight really well.
-Eating three meals a day & it's not just cheese!-Started wearing jocks instead of nappies through the day.-Become more playful/ using imagination. 

I have no idea!!
He just bites me now when I check. There's 11 or 12.

Favourite Word/Sentences:-Chun in ton (Chuggington, he loves, loves chuggington. And it's usually moooorree chun in ton, all day long!!) 

Favourite Book: Any animal book at the moment, he is loving learning about animals.And photo albums, pointing out all the people he knows.

Favourite Toy:Anything chuggington!! Especially the DVD's. He loves wearing his chuggington clothes too.

Favourite Food: Chicken. He doesn't have a huge favourite food at the moment, but he is really loving chicken! He is loving trying new foods at the moment which is really rare for him.

Best Memory Of This Month: The Playschool concert! I was so excited for this! And Jydan had so much fun playing with his little friend, Felix!I will definitely take Jydan to the next one :).

Child Health Nurse Appointment:Jydan is STILL gaining weight really well. It's amazing!! He is doing everything he is suppose to be doing. I think we will stop going monthly now & go every second month.

Doctors Appointment:
No need this month.

Paediatrician Appointment:
 In two months time.

Dietitian Appointment:
 Few more tips on getting Jydan to eat as usual. Try a new months worth of tricks. Next appointment booked for 3-4 months time.

Speech Therapy Appointment:
No appointment this month, still trying to use all the tips they gave us from the last appointment, will make another appointment after we have done them all.

Occupational Therapy Appointment:
 Appointment next month, still working on sensory issues.

Phyio Therapy: Still waiting to be called for our referral.

Home Physio: Continuing to help Jydan sit correctly, he seems to have gone back to W sitting alot more, I think that's because of sitting on the potty (not having his legs out straight). Starting to walk better though. Bending his legs alot more and has bought his base in.

Jydan seemed to grow up all of sudden really quickly this month, It seemed to be a huge difference between 16 months and 17 months. I guess he's so close to 1 & a half now!  He is talking alot more and saying lots of three word sentences now, as well as lots of two word ones. Sometimes he's hard to understand but he can be very clear with his speech - especially when he wants chuggington!He is completely chuggington obsessed!! He is nuts about it, from the moment he wakes up, to when he goes to bed, he just wants to watch or play with something chuggington related.

Jydan has gone down to just one nap now, which he has after lunch and sleeps for about 90 minutes, sometimes longer (yesterday was three hours, but I'm pretty sure that's the longest he has slept in his life!!). He was just ready to cut his second nap out, he wasn't sleeping properly at night, and hard to settle. He is much better now he just has the one!

Jydan is using his imagination and playing really well these days, entertaining himself , making up games for himself.. it's crazy cute! And when he laughs at himself because he has made up something hilarious!! He just brightens up my day, such an awesome personality.

Jydan is in size one tops now, 12-18 months, finally! But he is still in size 0's for bottoms (6-12months), he has such a little waist. I can't buy any cute sets together because he is in two different sizes.  Now he is eating really well and gaining weight amazingly, I think we will go through sizes really quickly now!!

The little man is doing so well with his toilet training too, but I'll leave that for the journey to the toilet post. :)

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