Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My 2014 Projects & Goals

Yes, it's now April.. and I've only JUST figured out what my 2014 projects & goals will be. Thankfully, some of them I actually have already started. Others I can't start till later on anyway.

- Finish & purchase Jydan's first year online photo book. (almost done)

- Begin & purchase my maternity online photo book (that I completed but lost!!)

- Set up Jydan's Music themed bedroom (Currently safari themed, changing when we move)

- Fall pregnant... hopefully!

- Seek regular osteo visits for my back.

- Plan & organise Jydan's zoo second birthday.

- Sell/Rent out our unit (still waiting!!)

- Find a bigger house & move.

- Organise and host  our 'Mad Hatter, Cocktails & Croquet' house warming. ( SO looking forward to this)

- Organise next family vacation (For september-ish)

-Toilet Train Jydan (almost done!)

- Find a job / study.

- Read three books (I'm being realistic here.. but I am onto my second one already!)`

- Loose 10 kilos... be kind easter, be kind!

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