Thursday, May 1, 2014

18-24 Month Must Haves

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These are my favourite 18-24 month must have items!

18-24 month
18-24 month #2

  1. Meal Booster Seats. 

    Include your toddler at the dinner table.
  2. Building Blocks.

    Great for your toddler to master so many skills, and they are so fun to play with!

  3. Blender/Smoothie Maker.

    For when the toddler refuses to eat.

  4. Household Play Items.

    Household and role play are really big for your toddler right now.

  5. Stable Running Shoes.

    It's running time!!

  6. Potty.

    For when you want to start Toilet Training.

  7. Doodle / Drawing Fun.

    Drawing is fun, and much more fun on a doodle pad then the walls!

  8. Educational Books.

    A must have for all ages, but even more so for this age.

  9. Step Stools.

    Help your toddler get to the bathroom sink or anything else they need to.

  10. Plastic Animals.

    Great for learning animal names and sounds, and role play!

  11. Number/Letter Bath Toys.

    Counting is fun! And so is playing in the bath!

  12. Toddler Cutlery.

    Help your toddler to feed themselves.

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