Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A letter to my 18 month old.

Jydan, you are 18 months old now. I can't believe how quick it's gone, but I feel like I've known you forever. I wanted to write you a letter when you turned eighteen months to tell you just how much I adore you. Life is a little overwhelming for you at the moment, I can tell. Life can be overwhelming for me too. You are learning how do deal with things, working out what emotions to use, and how to show your emotions. It's all part of the stage and age you are out. It must be extremely frustrating not being able to communicate what you want and understand what we are saying, it must be frustrating not knowing what's going on at times. I am learning too my darling, I am new at this Mum thing too. Please forgive me when I get it wrong... I know I do at times. No matter what though, I am so in love with you Jydan, My heart melts for you.

You are a very passionate little boy. Passionate about everything. You can want something with all your heart one moment, be angry at me with all your heart the next and then love me more then anything the next. I can see you doing so many things with your passion, using it for greatness. You remind me so much of myself at times, that overwhelming feeling to love something whole heartily or to try and do anything to achieve something. You will be strong and determined because of this.. confident in yourself. I can already see it now.
You become confident at what you do very quickly, once you learn something there is no stopping you. You practice until you have things perfect and you don't give up. This is something I could learn from you.
I learn from you, just as much as I teach you.
You have taught me so many things in your short life, I am truly a better person because of it.

I feel like we are the best of friends, you are the best little buddy, I can't stand to be without you or see you upset, so it breaks my heart when I have to handle your tantrums or try and teach you life's lessons. Oh how I do wish you could have fun all day long, play and have whatever you like, and it would be so easy for me to let you with those gorgeous almost black eyes you have, but please remember that I'm teaching you this so you are the best person possible. You learn quickly though, so I know we will get passed this, it just saddens me that it can't be fun for you & I all the time. Above all though, I am your mother, and your loving mother at that, so that is my job my sweet son.

You are learning so many new things each day and making me incredibly proud. I didn't know I could be so proud. The day you were born I had this overwhelming feeling of pride of you, not only what you accomplish and that you're are YOU but to be your Mum. I never thought I would feel that every day for the rest of my life, it's an incredible feeling. You're amazing my little man. You're hilarious. You have an amazing imagination you're starting to use. And the most beautiful personality.

You are so affectionate, I love how you love.
I adore how you adore.
You love to cuddle and you kiss often. And I never turn you away. To be loved and appreciated back is all I ask from you, I know your heart will teach you the rest.

Love your Mummy xx

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