Monday, May 12, 2014

Allergies - 18 Months.

I am mainly writing this post so I have a record of how all his allergy and intolerance's are going.

I have been needing to get Jydan allergy tested for a while now, but for a few reasons I have put it off. . His age & I was also hoping that I was just being an over cautious Mum, and he wasn't really allergic to anything. After reacting three times to egg in the last year we cut it completely out of his diet & the house anyway.

Today was testing day, and my little man did extremely well. He coped with it all fabulously, besides wanting to scratch his arm so badly and being there for two hours!! Besides, he loved being the center of the nurse's attention.

They placed a stamp on his arm so they can record what he was allergic to, tested him with eleven allergens and against histamine. They did a little prick on each allergen so they went into his skin and we waited 15 minutes to see what came up. Within a minute you could tell he was allergic to egg and within 4 minutes where they tested for egg was red with hives. Luckily though it wasn't a severe reaction and he doesn't need an epi-pen. We have to go back in six month to retest eggs & see how it goes again.

He only reacted to egg, and not dairy, berries and wheat, which means dairy, berries & wheat are just an intolerance, which is great! But he still can't have them. Especially dairy (we are finding he has mostly grown out of the berry intolerance and is growing out of the wheat intolerance. Dairy seems just as bad, if not worse).

We spoke to the specialist doctor afterwards and got the low-down on egg allergies and reassured again that he doesn't have a severe allergy, however, he does have an egg allergy. He has an action plan for us to keep and give to those who look after him. She also wants to see him back in a month to see how his eczema & bowels are going. She isn't happy with how either are going.

I am so grateful that it isn't epi-pen seriousness and that the other things he has trouble with are just intolerance's, but sad that he has this allergy! We are hopeful that he will grow out of it.

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