Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I love & hate routine.

This blog is all things Mum! The experience of becoming a Mum. The biggest thing I've found since becoming a Mum is routine! Who's routine do I follow? What book? Follow my baby? Follow my own? Schedule or demand.

I hate surprises and love it when things are predictable. But I like to be impulsive and feel like I'm not tied down.
I like Jydan to have a set time for his naps, but I like to have my child work around what I need to do. I like to be free enough to visit friends and go out an about.
And if I make sure that my son works around me during the day, he makes sure I work around him through the night!
I love it when my son has a routine, I love it when he doesn't.

That shit gets boring!
Am I the only one that loves routine so much I am extremely strict to the minute, and then I get totally bored and change it up after a couple of days!
When I say I'm strict routine, I am beyond strict... I make a schedule for the day and stick to it by the minute. I'm fairly insane actually. But then I get completely bored that I spend the whole day with me and my son in PJ's!

Is tomorrow a routine day or just do whatever the hell I want?

Am I the only Mum that struggles with wanting or not wanting a routine?
I know if I don't have a routine Jydan stuggles to settle at night.
However, sometimes life can be soo scheduled and routine that I just NEED a change. Sometimes I don't want to do the same thing over and over each day, in & out.

I read way too much into this whole routine thing! But surely I'm not the only one!

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