Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jydan - 18 Months.

Age: 18Months
Weight: 10.22 Kilos (22.5 pounds)
Height: 80.5 cm


 -Body parts

-New words and having conversations.
-To climb (but not a climber)

-To use a fork

-Learning animals & animal sounds (favourite is 'quack quack', loves a rawing lion, an elephant, fffffffish, snakes & butterflies )
-Nursery Rhymes.
 (Row Row, Humpty Dumpty, Little Teapot & I'm trying to teach him Heads & Shoulders)

-Learning to share.
-To climb.


-Some three word sentence (Gonna call mum, there you go, Dad's at work, no not gonna, I want more, thank you mum, no don't want, I love you)

-New words all the time.

-Body parts (Head, hair, nose, teeth, tongue, hands, belly button, feet)
-Eating much better.

-Become more playful/ using imagination. 

-Recognising animals.
-Getting better with sharing.

Jydan has 16 teeth!! He got 5 teeth in the last month. Just his two year old molars left!

Favourite Word/Sentences: 

-More. -Ta. -Chun in ton (chugginton) - varrhhuum (Vacuum)

Favourite Book: 

Any animal book at the moment, he is loving learning about animals. And photo albums, pointing out all the people he knows.

Favourite Toy:

Anything chuggington!! Especially the DVD's. The vacuum is still a favourite toy too.

Favourite Food: 

Jydan is really love banana chips at the moment! Loves his nana chippies!!

Best Memory Of This Month:

Easter!! We had such a fun filled day, you can see my post here. Also Mothers Day was such an amazing day!! I felt so blessed.

Child Health Nurse Appointment:

The child health nurse is really impressed with the way Jydan listens and follows instructions. I asked him to put the toys in the box and then get in the pram, and he did exactly as follow. He also understood what was going on and when I said 'come look here Jydan, I found a lion'. I am pretty impressed myself!

Jydan has only gained 100grams in the last 6 weeks, but he did have a pretty bad bout of gastro, so we didn't expect him to gain much though. Hopefully he makes it up soon.

Doctors Appointment:
We had his immunisations at the doctors, because of his allergies we now have to get them done with the doctor if he has a reaction with some vaccines that egg may be present with. Jydan went really well with his immunisations, he just had a little jump as they went in, didn't even have a grizzle. He has a very high pain threshold!! 
We now have to see an allergy specialist doctor monthly too. Jydan had an allergy test this week and it showed up he is definitely allergic to egg. However we need to find exactly what he is intolerant too as he has always had bowel, tummy and eczema issues.  

Paediatrician Appointment:
 At the start of next month.

Dietitian Appointment:
Will find out if Jydan needs to continue seeing a dietitian at his peeds appointment since he is actually eating well now.

Speech Therapy Appointment:
Missed a call that I need to follow up.

Occupational Therapy Appointment:
 Waiting for an appointment.

Phyio Therapy: 

Wasn't able to make this months appointment, as they wanted the session to be without Jydan!! I can't get him looked after through the day. 

Home Physio: 

Continuing to help Jydan sit correctly, I have just bought him some boots to wear to try and help correct his ankles.

Jydan is using his imagination so much now, it's absolutely adorable, giving me pretend things, pretending to vacuum, pretending to eat. He is really starting to want to play 'games' too, handing me a ball or something he wants to play with as a game. He has also started to climb and try to climb, it's all fun and games everywhere right now.

After not sleeping through the night for a couple of months now he has gone back to sleep through... well 2 out of 3 nights he will. After getting five teeth though without many dramas, I don't blame him at all!!

I always hoped for an affectionate child that loves to cuddle.. and that's definitely Jydan!! He loves to cuddle & kiss. He snuggles after his nap and cuddles and kiss whenever he can. I love how he loves. His heart is full of love. It definitely makes up for all his tantrums of late (hehe). I have never seen a child that's so affectionate. Oh how I adore it!!

The poor little man and a bout of gastro this month which meant we went backwards in toilet training and I haven't had the chance to try again. It's on the agenda to get back into it soon though! I'm sure being the clever little man he is, he will pick it up again.

I think he is at THE best age right now! He is so fun at the moment, makes my life really really fun! It's actually, aside from the tantrums and trying to balance my business and attention for him, life with him is actually pretty easy at the moment. He can be such a calmer in my life (most of the time). 


Camille Griffiths said...

Aww, he is doing so beautifully! He is so clever. I hope his health issues keep improving.

I can't believe our babies are so grown up. Wow, the time is just flying by!!

Stacy Brown said...

Lovely post :) I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.. Check my blog post about it for all the info :)