Friday, May 23, 2014

Party prepping for a child with allergies.

My son has a lot of friends around his age which for the lucky little man mean a fair few birthday parties! He just attended his sixth birthday party for this year already! With all his intolerance's and his allergy that was tested last week, birthday parties can be fairly tricky! And my poor son has to of course miss out on the birthday cake, and sometimes he can't have any snacks to. So the last two parties I decided that after asking the host's, we will bring some party snacks ourselves for Jydan and a little cupcake or something when everyone is having cake. I have the most delicious allergy free cake recipe I will share.

Gluten, Dairy & Egg free chocolate covered biscuits, banana chips & Dairy & Gluten free Fairy bread.

But what I didn't think about is the party bags! Full of egg lollies, left him with a couple of jelly lollies and a balloon. Not that we make a habit of giving him lollies anyway, but it just made me realise that I have to organise some lolly bag treats to swap over!

How egg aware are you? Did you know all these, but the oreo's that he couldn't have anyway, contain egg?
Next one of Jydan's friends parties, I will have a little goodie bag of allergy friendly treats.

Here are some ideas of what you can put in your allergy child's take with you goodie bag;
-Organic Popcorn.
-Banana Chips.
-Allergy Friendly Cookies.
-Organic Honey Lollipops.
-Allergy Free Muesli Bars
-Allergy Free Truffles.
-Rice Cakes.

Do you have anymore ideas on what we can add?

Research is finding too, those with dairy intolerance's are often intolerant to glucose as well, something to look out for!

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Camille Griffiths said...

We usually bring a gallon of ice cream to share so Kay is sure to have a treat she can eat. We bring various dairy free treats for Bee. I've heard parents say they skip parties because of food allergies. I think that's silly, the kids can get used to only eating certain things and still enjoy parties!