Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Health issues, time, stress and babies.

Between allergies, eczema, head issues, growth issues, ankle issues, eating issues, sensory issues, low iron and vitamin D, reflux and now a heart issue, a pead, a monthly health nurse, a dietitian, an allergy specialist, physio therapist, occupational therapist, blood tests and a speech pathologist, sometimes I feel like life is a bit hectic and overwhelming! How can I deal with all this if we have another baby? Where will the baby fit in? What if the next baby has health issues too?! I already feel so run off my feet sometimes trying to keep up with everything, and already had to put of studying uni as we have so many appointments. I just didn't have the time to keep up with uni and I would have had to take too many classes off for his appointments.

So here we were again, at another appointment, hearing the words 'I'm just a bit concerned about...' this time they needed to call the head pediatrician after the register had a listen to his heart. They found a murmur in his heart. We have another appointment in a few weeks time to see about it again and an ultrasound.

I know everything is mild, and nothing is life threatening or anything, we are so incredibly blessed about that. That's what I hold on to all time, there is always someone more worse off, right? But I think the hardest thing is the unknown of the future,.... I think? And the unknown in general. I don't know all this doctor words, I don't know how to deal with all these sensory issues.. like seriously, how do I deal with a child having a melt down in the car because he wants his top off? With him deciding to stop talking and sleeping because we were packing up the house?

And his head, stressing about all the shrinking going up on there, seriously?! A shrinking head?? Only my son! Goodness me.

Intolerance's and allergies, wow, that's a bit of a list too!
His rolled in ankle.
His hips.
His knees.
His weight loss.
His lack of eating.
And now his heart?

Where was the warning that my sons whole body would seem like a pin cushion? That for his first birthday he would have 6 tests on his poor body. That every few months we have to hold him tight while he screams for a blood test? That people won't understand why he can be upset by the way something feels or I'm that mean mummy who won't let my child eat someones birthday cake. That every time he stops talking you're worried that his skull has pressure on his brain. Ugh! It can be SO hard.

Those that have a child with a few health issues, how do you have time for number 2? How would I cope if I had two children with health issues?

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