Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am... MUM!

I am who I am. This is who I am.
I spend my days in track pants.
With no make-up.
And talking to a toddler.
I explain and describe everything around me to my child,
I could make a living out of  being a life commentator.
We stop and smell the roses.
We stop.
Every two second.
We stop.
I take forever to cross the road,
because I walk beside two tiny legs,
and hold one tiny hand.
I have an 'I've had a baby' body.
And 'I haven't slept' black eyes.
Oh! And the 'a toddler and hairdressers don't mix' hair.
My son is my world.
And my world is messy and fun.
Full of hugs, kisses, bright colours, appointments, snot, giggles and tantrums.
My house is barely spotless, and only ever for a moment.
One single moment. If that.
My showers often consist of my toddler at my feet.
And my meals often come with extra cutlery.
Everything taste better off my plate,
Even if it's exactly the same on the toddlers plate.
Nothing melts my heart more than arms stretched.
The first 'Mum'.
Or slobbery kisses.
And nothing breaks my heart more than a crying face.
I mostly just pretend I know what I'm doing.
My first born is my experiment project.
My son wears expensive clothes,
while I walk around in a $2 top!
I look forward to being at home more than I should.
My google searches consist of;
Quick and easy meals,
What my toddler should be doing,
and dark eye circle remidies.
I am who I am. I am Mum.
And I will never change a thing.