Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Sensory fun activities for one-two year old's.

Baby Texture Cards.
what a great idea! I've done this before with my little man. My love of scrap booking and having left of scrap comes in handy!!

Check out the Baby Texture Cards at

Mystery Sensory Box.

I'm doing this tomorrow, so will write more about it then, but check out Sensory Game by Creative Christian Mama here.

Spaghetti Play.
So... this kind of grosses me out, but I know some little toddlers would loooove it!! I haven't tried this with mine yet, he doesn't like slimy stuff, but had to share! Check out Spaghetti Play at Laughing Kids Learn

Bubble Wrap Run.

My son loves this, so fun on their feet. Check out pediastaff!

And last one...

Animal Wash!
What a super FUN idea!! Probably my most favourite idea. Check out little bins for little hands.

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