Thursday, July 17, 2014

Motherhood - 15 things I've learnt.

1) Enjoy the easy days.
Some days I feel so guilty for my day being a bit too easy. I'm a stay at home mum, isn't this suppose to be incredibly hard?! And OTHER days are SO draining I could cry! And sleep for a week. And curl into a ball and rock. I won't feel bad for enjoying an easy day again. Lets face it, they don't come often enough at this age (20 months!). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Lap it up, and make the most of the easy days. 

2) You will learn another language - baby babble.
Some how you will just know what one squeal or three squeals mean. Or an 'eh', or even a 'kjfjoijgorjgowgoj' You will understand it all. 

3) Dressing a toddler will sometimes be your biggest workout.
Think. Dressing a running flapping octopus. It will be more of a workout then going to the gym. 

4) If you go to the toilet alone, it will feel like a holiday.
I don't think I have to explain this one. It is what it is! ;) But it's pretty much the equivalent to relaxing at the Bahamas. 

5) Your bath will turn turn into toy kingdom.
No more scented candles around your gorgeously sparkling white bath. And gone are your bath crystals. You've replaced them with rubber duckies and squirt toys. Your bathroom floor will be constantly flooded, you might as well have your bath on the floor. 

6) Your life will turn into a song & dance musical.
How many times did you make up a song today to sing to your little ones? ;). Your life will be one big musical! If you aren't rocking, you're popping!

7) Your child will always be better.
As much as you will love other children, and think they're great.. You can't help but think your child is the best.

8) Parenting styles.
You will change your parenting style 85973295 times. In the first week. And you will break almost every single rule you wrote in your 'I will not do' book. 

9) Have plan B,C, even I .
With everything, art and craft, bedtime, bath time, everything.. Our days often end with plans somewhere between B and Z.. that's pretty good!

10) Kids will teach you to smell the roses. 
Children will teach you to love all the small things in life again. It's such a beautiful thing how kids love all the little things we take for granted. Let them teach you to appreciate them again.

11) Facebook knows!
Somehow facebook adverts will know you're expecting before anyone else does. I remember as soon as I changed my status to 'married' I got so many pregnancy adverts - and yep, somehow facebook knew even before I did!

12) Cleaning battles.
You will either clean the lounge room floor over a million times a day, or you will give up completely! Pick your battles.. pick your battles. 

13) Your life will turning into a spelling bee!
You will start spelling words, like it's a normal thing to do. Did you buy any  C H O C O L A T E? Where's the T E D D Y? Did you put the T O Y away?

14) You will be automatically diagnosed with tourettes.
You will sound like you have tourettes when you're talking on the phone. " How was your day? Don't put that in your mouth! What did you do? I've told you a million times. Not the toilet" 

15) You need a Mary Poppins bag! 
Getting ready to go out for the day, will be like getting ready to go for a weekender. And you will forget something.


Echo A said...

Oh man, this is so true! I NEVER get to go to the bathroom alone and yes, my bath is a toy kingdom! My purse is also quite Mary Poppins like!

Domestic Mamma said...

Haha...As your kids get older you would think most of this changes, but not really...although you do feel more like you know what you're doing x