Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 goals - half way through.

We're well and truly half way through the year so I thought I would update how all my goals for this year are going ... do you have a 2014 goals post? 

- Finish & purchase Jydan's first year online photo book. 
(ummmm... I still haven't finished. That would be a no.)

- Begin & purchase my maternity online photo book
 (And I still haven't started that one!)

- Set up Jydan's Music themed bedroom. 
 (We have changed the theme to Chuggington, and it's coming together!! It's pretty much finished, yey!)

- Fall pregnant... hopefully!
 (YEY! We did it!)

- Seek regular osteo visits for my back.
 (I need to do this, especially now we're having another baby!)

- Plan & organise Jydan's zoo second birthday.
 (He is now having a Chuggington second birthday! Not for three more months)

- Sell/Rent out our unit
 (Sold!! SOLD! SOOOOLD!!!)

- Find a bigger house & move.
 (We did it! We're in our newer house!)

- Organise and host  our 'Mad Hatter, Cocktails & Croquet' house warming.
 (It was all organised and then I got bad morning sickness so we cancelled it, oh well!)

- Organise next family vacation
 (We need to organise it!! Last holiday as a family of three!)

-Toilet Train Jydan
 (We were sooo close, he was pretty much done, and then he got gastro, and then we had to move.. so we will start again )

- Find a job / study. 
(I started my own business! That counts!!)

- Read three books
 (Almost finished #2)`

- Loose 10 kilos. 
(I got pregnant instead, haha! )

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