Sunday, August 31, 2014

A letter to my darling son from his pregnant mummy.

A letter to my darling son from his pregnant mummy.

It's not because you weren't enough...

It's not because you weren't enough...
It's not because you weren't good enough...
It's not because you didn't fulfill me.
It's not because you didn't fill my heart.
It's not because you were weren't my everything.
It's not because you didn't complete our family.

I didn't decide to have another baby because you weren't good enough.

The thing is, you were, are, and so, so much more!

You are so perfect to me.
You are so amazing to me.
You fill my heart with so much joy.
And love.
And greatness.

I am so completely in love with you.

There was a point where I had decided that I was just going to be your mummy, you full filled my life and heart so much, I didn't need another child.

But then I realised...

That you're so perfect, I needed more.
More of you.
More of what our family makes.

I know this baby won't be you.
I know this baby is it's own person.

But you made me realize how perfect my children would be.

How much of an amazing big brother you will be.
How much love in your heart you have that you need to share.
How much you love people, especially babies.
What a wonderful role model you will be.
What a caring personality you have.

I often feel guilty that you now have to share your Mummy,
But you're the only one out of my children that would have had their Mummy all to them.
That for 27 months, it was just you and me.. and Daddy.
We will forever have that bond, and that special love.
Instead of feeling sad, and guilty, we need to feel so lucky that it's just been us.

So many things will change.
Your whole life will turn upside down.
And first of, I'm sorry that you won't completely understand what's going on.
But I trust you will fall in love with this baby just as we have with you.
I trust that with your caring and beautiful soul, you will begin to understand that we've made you this friend forever.

You will always be enough for us.
You will always complete me.
You are and always will be complete perfection.

Love, Mummy xxx


Jessica Kuronen said...

Beautiful. X

Camille Griffiths said...

Awww, so sweet. I think this is what we all feel like when we have a second child. It's just so hard to word it; your explanation is beautiful. :)