Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 10 Weeks.

A quarter of the way through!! Wow, how time is flying! Thank goodness though, but it makes me think, if time is going this fast while I'm pregnant, imagine what time will be like when baby is actually born, ek!

Morning sickness, I 'think' I'm starting to see the end, but I know that every time I say this, it comes to bite me on the bum twice as hard! I've gone from vomiting about 5 times a day, to about once though. My mum bought me over some ginger to make ginger tea though, lets see if that helps. 

Talking of my mum, she also bought me a beautiful bunch of pink lillies, my favourite flowers, just because I've been so sick. Isn't she amazing! 

Symptoms this week:

Morning sickness
Over heating.
Hot sweats.
Lots of peeing!
Breast Pain.
Rib Cage Pain.
Dry Skin.
Spine Pain.
Happy Hormones.

Weight gain: 500 grams

Size of baby: 
3.1 cm (woah, it's like tripled the size in 4 weeks) and 4 grams.
About the size of a Kumquat.

Baby's doing this week:
Tiny nails forming on fingers and toes.

Time left:
30 weeks. 

Next Milestone:
12 Weeks - in 1 weeks time.

Guessing baby's gender:

Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.

Fresh fruit! Oranges and apples.

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