Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 4 weeks

Yey, we made it through another week, another week, here I come! We've told a few more people this week and booked in my dating scan and the photographer. Our scan is Friday the 7th of Aug, and the announcement is the next day. Get excited!! I will post the announcement photo and then all the other first tri posts.
Morning sickness has been at its worse this week but there's days when I'm completely fine!
I see a little bloated bump come up already, which I didn't think would happen for a while since I have so much "Jydan left overs" still there.. But how wrong I was!!! Even when I told someone they said "I thought you were bigger". No joke! NO JOKE! I'm only super early! 

We've just moved, and it was awful being so sick!! I'm glad we had so much help. 

My only symptoms this week have been:
-Breast Pain 
-Breast Growth (gone up a cup size already)
-Morning Sickness.

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