Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 6 weeks.

Now to start the longest week ever of my pregnancy. I thought I had already passed the 6 week mark and onto 7 weeks, but being put back so far behind, has turned this pregnancy week into 15 days!! Ugh, time better go fast after this!
I'm so glad my scan went all well though, although I have no photo to show you all!
We decided to announce that we're pregnant after our scan. We aren't ones to wait until 12 weeks. I'm completely impatient, and we don't want to be thinking about the 'what ifs'.
So this is how we announced it!!

Thank you to my wonderful photographer, Tanya, from
I use her photography for everything!
Isn't it just the cutest photo!

Symptoms this week:

Morning Sickness (badly).
Sciatic Nerve Pain. 
Over heating.
Hot sweats.

Weight gain:

Size of baby:
A Lentil!

Baby's doing this week:
Making arms and legs!

Time left:
34 weeks. 

Guessing baby's gender:

Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.


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