Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 8 weeks.

Oh hello 8 weeks, you've arrived already! How time is sort of flying now. I had to have the glucose tolerance test this week, what a pain. They've changed the testing now, so I now have to do an early one at around 9 weeks & 27 weeks. Fasting for 10-16 hours is hooorrrrible when you have morning sickness!

I'm waiting to hear what date my doctor will go by as my due date, at the moment I have three!!  I know baby will come whenever. I know.. Jydan tried to come at 36 weeks. But it would just be nice to know how far I actually am. I was going by my dating scan, but my doctor is still writing my LMP date (which means I'm due 26 march).

Sickness hasn't been overly bad this week. I think its calming down now. Thank goodness.

My pants are starting to get fairly tight now, I'm often having to undo the top button. I was in maternity clothes already with Jydan at 8 weeks, so I feel better that I can at least fit in my pants still!

Symptoms this week:

Morning sickness
Over heating.
Hot sweats.
Lots of peeing!
Dry Skin.

Weight gain: 500 grams

Size of baby:
Approx 1.6cm (although baby caterpillar is measuring slightly bigger)
The size of a kidney bean/ peanut.

Baby's doing this week:
Loosing it's little tail and turning it into a tail bone.

Time left:
32 weeks. 

Guessing baby's gender:

Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.

Chocolate!! Chocolate peanuts and mud cake. I'm going to put on so much weight.

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