Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 11 Weeks.

I can't believe I've only got one more week to go and I'll be 12 weeks (well really, 4 more days, cause I'm always behind on my posts!). Not that it means a whole deal because we've already told every one ;) .. but to be over the newly developmental stage for baby caterpillar is pretty exciting!
My morning sickness has days, on and off days. Some days I'll throw up five times, other times once or twice, others not at all. I'm always nauseous though, but that's getting less & less too. So it is starting to ease.  I have really copped it this pregnancy, I try hard to not complain, because I am so so blessed, but it can be horribly depressing when I'm so so sick and can't do much. I'm sure the end is near though. I'm hoping so for Jydan's sake, he really doesn't cope well with mummy being sick.
I'm starting to get some of the nice symptoms now too, the strong, long hair, and the long nails, and thanks to throwing up so much, I'm losing my hips! (Once on your lips, forever on your hips, unless you throw up everything you've eaten for the last ten years while pregnant!). I'm also not as tired!
I've started to sport my little bump! Although, I don't think it's as big as Jydan's!
Excuse my already streched out belly, but here's my 11 week bump shot! Isn't Tim's face SOO cute!!

I don't feel AS organised this pregnancy, I haven't bought anything yet, but I have so much from Jydan I don't really need to.
Symptoms this week:
Morning sickness
Over heating.
Hot sweats.
Lots of peeing!
Tender Breasts.
Hair & Nail Growth.
Stomach tightening.
Weight gain: 500 grams at last check, but haven't checked for a few weeks.
Size of baby: 
Head to bottom - 4cm
About the size of a brussle sprout!
Baby's doing this week:
Baby has everything now, from tooth buds to fingers and toes!
Time left:
29 weeks. 
Next Milestone:
12 Weeks - in 1 weeks time.
Guessing baby's gender:
Giiirl?? Maybe?!
Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.
None this week :)

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Camille Griffiths said...

Awww, your little brussel sprout already has fingers and toes! I'm so excited for you!!!! I hope you start feeling better soon. :)