Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jydan - 23 Months

(My computer isn't responding very well, so excuse the messy post!!)

Age: 23 months
Weight: 10.3 kilo
Height: 85 cm


-New words every day.



-Nursery Rhymes & singing along. He loves the song 'Happy'
-To respond to more instructions
-To drink out of a cup, without a sippy lid.

-How to push the boundaries (hehe!)
-To participate in arts & crafts better.
-To use the toilet.
-To be more creative / use his imagination.
-To entertain himself a bit more, without Mum.



- Saying more words.

-Wearing jocks for naps, and keeping them dry.
-Learning more colours, shapes and different objects.

-Able to eat more dairy and gluten (yey!)

-Become more playful/ using imagination. 

-Using his imagination when drawing.

-Knows most of his animal sounds

Dentist check went well, his teeth are looking very healthy (yey for preserving with the brushing!) However, his teeth are fairly crowded. Something to keep an eye on in the future & make sure he's brushing. Made another appointment for 6 months time (May).

Favourite Word/Sentences: 

-Brum Brum!

-Loves singing 'Happy'

Favourite Book: 

He has a book that makes all different car sounds, he loves it!

Favourite Toy:

Phones & Vacuum cleaners and cars!

Favourite Food: 



Best Memory Of This Month:

Getting organised for his birthday next month! Yey! Jydan has helped put all the party bags together.

Child Health Nurse Appointment:

No CHN appointment this month, but we have one for his two year check.

Doctors Appointment:
No doctor's appointments for Jydan this month.. but he was fairly unwell for about a week.

Paediatrician Appointment:
Peads appointment in another month or so.

Dietitian Appointment:
The dietitian called to tell us we had an appointment the next day! I couldn't get to it so it was cancelled. I don't want him seeing the dietitian anyway, it seems like a waste of our time.

Speech Therapy Appointment:

 Jydan has an appointment next week!

Occupational Therapy Appointment:

We had an OT appointment last week over the phone to try and help with his eating, and we have another appointment in two weeks. We are working on a few sensory issues which is helping him eat better.

Phyio Therapy: 

I keep forgetting to book his next appointment, so many appointments to remember!! But I'm a little bit concerned about how he runs, so will need to see them soon!
Home Physio: 

We need to find some supportive boots for summer, his boots are so hot!


Jydan is trying to push the boundaries now he is coming up to two, it's coming up to all sorts of different challenges, and some days I find it really stressful. Oh gosh when he's sleeping soundly and beautifully, doesn't he make up for it! ;).

With his two year old challenges he is starting to try and control things, even where I sit. I think he just feels so many things at the moment, and trying to find who he is, that it's just too over whelming for him. His little personality has changed so much and I'm trying to adjust too!
Other then that, some days he can be the sweetest little thing.
He is learning so so much, that there's a whole world besides mummy! And that when Mummy says he can't do something, guess what? I can still try! (Like drinking the dog water!!!)
Jydan is learning so so much lately, after some delay with his speech, he seems to be picking it right up now! We are off to see the speech next week to see where he is at. I know all children develop differently, but considering he was so so forward with his speech, he said 30 words when he turned one! With 2 -3 word sentences, and then to just stop and go completely backwards is what the worrying thing is. It will be good to know too. Anyway, not only is he expanding his words, his problem solving skills are just going amazing too and through arts & crafts we are working on his hand eye co-ordination.
Jydan's really taken to that there is a baby in my belly now, he knows that Hungry Caterpillar stuff is for bubba, and he knows bubba is in my tummy, and that bubba has a heart we like to listen to. He loves to feed his dolly with a bottle, and is learning that the baby will also have milk from Mummy. He is going to be the bestest biggest brother!!
Jydan is completely and utterly obsessed with the movie Cars! It's actually banned at the moment cause he woke at 1am demanding to watch it, so nope, sorry buddy, it's off for a couple of weeks! I swear I know the whole movie off by heart!!!
I can't believe he is two so so soon! I'm going to spend the next few weeks obsessing over how quick time has gone and maybe have a little cry!
I thought about what I'm going to do with his monthly posts after he hits 24 months, is it too much posting these every month after two? But decided with all his appointments and everything else, it's so good to look back on, so I'm going to keep going with them! Enjoy ;)

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Camille Griffiths said...

Aww, seems like he is doing beautifully! :)

I've worried about Bee's speech too because some days she doesn't even try to talk. She just says "Ets ets" for everything. But I think she's just working on other skills instead of speaking and she'll be chatting away before I know it. I'm sure Jydan will be too!