Thursday, December 4, 2014

Help My Wife Has Hyperemesis Gravidarum!!!

What a mouthful (the words hyperemesis gravidarum is, not the food my wife just bought up). If you haven't heard of this condition before you obviously have no idea who William and Kate are. At least they have servants that can help them out when they need it. The past 20 weeks or so have been a nightmare for our little family. In this time we have moved house, found out we were expecting our second child, we had our first born sons second birthday and the wife has thrown up every meal she has eaten for the past 20 weeks.

As a husband that cooks the family meals when I can it doesn't do your confidence much good when your wife throws up what you fed her for tea that night. You start to keep a watchful eye on everyone else that ate what you fed them. With no one else at the table turning green you reassure yourself that the food you fed your family was safe.

The wife's cooking is a different story though. Vomit marinaded steak, chicken and corn chowder (or should I say chunder) Pea corn and carrot casserole fresh from the depths of her stomach that I thought we might end up seeing on the dinner menu. How she managed to still throw up peas and corn after not being able to keep a meal down for weeks is beyond me. Thankfully she only cooks when I don't finish work till tea time.

Evenings after work for me entailed coming home to find my wife either in bed with her head in a bucket where she had spent the majority of her day. I could tell from the moment I walked through the front door that today hadn't been a great day from the state our son had left the lounge room in. As it didn't look like a tornado had swept through it in the morning before I left for work. It is at this point that I wish we had those servants to help us.

I began to feel like a one man army trying to tackle all the jobs of the daily running of the household. It was at about the 13 week mark that we thought this morning sickness isn't normal. The wife had gotten so bad that she couldn't keep her fluids up or look at a plate of food without having the urge to vomit. It was at this stage that we spent a very late night at the hospital with her hooked up to a drip to help with her dehydration and an injection to stop the nausea and vomiting. This was the miracle cure we had been needing in the weeks prior to this.

After our trip to the hospital the wife saw her regular GP for a pregnancy appointment and explained about the trip to the hospital and how sick she had been feeling until they gave her something at the hospital. Her GP prescribed two different anti nausea drugs one that she could take during the day and one she could take of a night so that she wasn't taking one before she was able to again. Unfortunately she still felt ill and on the next visit told the GP this who then prescribed another drug that has worked really well on the bad days. Lately the bad days have been less often and are under control now when they strike very quickly. With thanks to the doctors that could tell we were struggling with this condition we finally got the help that we had needed.

If you suspect that something isn't quite right with the way you feel during pregnancy don't feel like you can't ask for help. Someone out there will always help you out and at least listen to your concerns.

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edaj84 said...

Well weitten. Very interesting to read something from the other side of the HG horror.