Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Shout Out!

Shouting out to my favourite posts this week....

I loved reading mostly all the 'light' stuff this week, so here's a few fun, light hearted posts I loved this week!

A Dose of Page - Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags - These gift tags are simply GORGEOUS! Page has beautifully made some gorgeous gift tags you can print!

Lesley Graham - All-Natural Candy Cane Play Dough - I love being inspired to be a child all over again with my son, and why not with this fun natural candy cane play dough!

childhood101 - Super Sensory Balloon Printed Wrapping Paper - Childhood101 is my FAVOURITE blog! But I loved this idea especially. Take a look at the rest of their posts!

The Everyday Momma -Toddler Boy Christmas Wishlist- I have a little boy toddler myself so I'm loving this list!! Thanks Julia!

A LIFE LIKE MINE - 7 WAYS TO AVOID THE HEAT THIS WEEKEND- I can't tell you how much I love this post!! Why? Because I decided to be pregnant over summer. So I won't just be looking at the post for this weekend, but everyday!!

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Domestic Mamma said...

Haha thanks so much for sharing my post, so happy that you loved it...and btw, I meant every word of it. lol