Thursday, January 1, 2015

Baby Caterpillar - 27 Weeks.

It's Christmas!! Merry Christmas everyone!!
I spent it vomiting :( .. Hyperemesis picked an awful day to come and I woke Jydan up being sick, threw up breakfast, lunch AND spent the afternoon in my mum's bed! Damn it! Jydan had a great day though and that's all that counts.

Some good news though, is I've really popped out this week, AND I've hit the third trimester!! (I know some people go by 28 weeks, but it makes more sense to me to go by 27)

My christmas pregnant pics!

I've had a lot of braxton's this week, at one point they were three minutes a part for hours! Was a bit worrying!! Also, pelvic pain has come and made itself known this week :/

Symptoms this week:
Leg Cramps.
Pelvic Pain.
Braxton Hicks.
Swelling & Fluid.
Trouble Staying Asleep.
Feeling Hot.
High BP.
Feeling faint (and actually fainting)
Weight gain: 7 kilo -Still at 7.  

Doctors/Midwives Appointment:
I accidently missed mine on the 19th... ooopps!! My next one is on the 5th of Jan.

 In just over a week.

Size of baby: 
About 870gms, and 36.6 cms head to toe!
About the size of a cauliflower!

Baby's doing this week:
Baby begins to dream this week!
Time left:
13 weeks!! Three months!!
Next Milestone:
30 weeks, in 3 weeks!
Baby's Gender:
Will reveal after our 28 week scan.
Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.
No cravings this week!
Still stuck on a middle name :/

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