Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby Caterpillar - 29 Weeks.

We announced the gender!! Check out the post here to see!
It was hubby's clever idea to perk me up a little bit seen as I've had an awful hyperemesis week. How cute is he?

So yes, I've had an awful sick week, where I got so dehydrated I fainted in the supermarket (and seriously, the staff walked straight past!!) and needed three bags of IV fluids at the hospital. I also lost some fluid, which I originally thought was my waters, but thankfully not (nor was it wee!), and pulled a ligament around my uterus and bruised my back from the fall. Reminder, don't get that dehydrated! I even vomited up a cube of ice that day. Was awful! So I got a lovely night at the hospital and got to see my little one twice this week ;)

My scan went well, the cyst was undetected! YEY! Phew, thank goodness, but the little one was measuring about 3 weeks behind :(.. So little! We are having another scan in about 4 weeks to check up on the measurements again and the placenta (I don't really understand the issue with the placenta) & I have a lot of fluid!
Here's our little one now!

And to finish the week off I've had TWO doctors appointments. I've finally got the protein in my urine I was waiting for to confirm pre-eclampsia is on it's way. Which now means I'm deemed 'high risk' and can no longer see my GP for shared care. Also because I'm so sick and the baby is so small. 

So it's been a huge hectic pregnancy week this week, wow! But another week down. And here's my 29 week photo!

Symptoms this week:
Leg Cramps.
Pelvic Pain.
Trouble Staying Asleep.

Weight gain: 7.5 kilo. 

Doctors/Midwives Appointment:
My GP I saw on the 5th gave me the quick pregnancy look over, prescribed more meds, listened to baby and sent me on my way.

The hospital doctor I saw on the 8th spoke more in depth about my scan, pre eclampsia, sent off some tests, gave me more meds, refered me for another scan, spoke to me about my birthing options, felt and listened to baby. We spoke more about if I was to have a repeat a cesarean or try a VBAC. I would like to try for a VBAC.

Went well as I said above, no cyst found, but baby is measuring a little small.
Next scan in around four week.

Size of baby: 
Baby is now around 1.1 kilo and 38 cms long.
About the size of a butternut squash!
Butternut squash

Baby's doing this week:
Brain growth is very rapid and head is growing!

Time left:
11 weeks!!

Next Milestone:
30 weeks, in 1 weeks!

Baby's Gender:
Did you see our gender reveal? ;)

Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.

No cravings this week!

Still stuck on a middle name :/

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Emily55 said...

OMG you poor thing! You must be feeling awful. I hope that you can sit down and relax a bit more in this hot weather.
Great news on the little one though :)