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The difference between Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum. My story.

The difference between Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum. My story.

It came at a complete shock this pregnancy of how sick I was. I had experienced Morning Sickness with my son, so I expected some sickness but I didn't expect it to be this bad. In fact, I didn't even know what Hyperemesis Gravidarum was. A bit of googling at around 12 weeks pregnant lead me to find out what Hyperemesis is, and also made me realise that what was happening to my body wasn't your typical morning sickness, but was a pregnancy illness. It was a bit of a wake up call, and made me realise that I really needed to go to the hospital. And really should of gone in much, much sooner.

When I was pregnant with Jydan, I was told by a few people how silly it was to complain about morning sickness. Their words 'You wanted to get pregnant!' ... So I thought it was silly to complain about being sick, let alone go to the hospital for it!

Finally at 13 weeks I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis by the hospital, and started of trying a couple of different drugs.

There isn't many people who have had Hyperemesis for one pregnancy and not for the other, so I thought I would write the sickness differences between my two pregnancies, comparing MS and HG.

3 Weeks
- I found out I was pregnant with Jydan at about 3 weeks, 3 days. No symptoms yet.

- I found out I was pregnant at 2 weeks, 6 days. I had been feeling sick already, and that's what got me to keep testing.

4 Weeks

- First doctors appointment, still no sickness.

- First doctors appointment, HCG levels up very high, spoke to doctor about feeling ill already.

5 Weeks
- No symptoms or sickness, worried because I hadn't been sick yet.

- Started feeling even more sick and extremely tired. Had to eat constantly to try and make myself not feel sick, but then it would all come back up. Especially tried crackers. First scan showed baby was measuring 7 days smaller.

6 Weeks.
-  First scan for Jydan, we were relieved as I hadn't been sick yet.

- Sickness is getting worse each week, more so in the evenings and at night. We also moved this week. Couldn't keep pre natal vitamins down.

7 Weeks.
- Spoke to the doctor about not being sick, who said I would probably expect it around 8 weeks pregnant.

- Began throwing up a lot this week, especially at night. Was worried that something was wrong since I was SO sick. Had another scan, baby now measuring 9 days behind. Started trying different things for sickness like sea sickness bands. Noticed my skin was drying up.

8 Weeks.
- Began feeling nauseous this week, and felt relived as I knew it was a good sign that hormones and everything were doing their thing! Announced pregnancy. Started getting a little bump.

- Announced pregnancy and tried a few more different things for sickness which was now happening all day. Ginger, amber and hazelwood, crackers, bands, teas ect. Days where I couldn't even get out of bed I was so sick. I was throwing up at least 6 times a day. My skin was scaling. My son would scream everytime I threw up, he was so scared of what was happening.

9 Weeks.
- Continued working but was throwing up each morning. Smells would make me nauseous. And was very tired. 

- My hair began falling out in chunks and my skin was peeling so badly. My tongue was dry and stuck to my mouth. I couldn't move in bed without throwing up. Tried some things from the naturopath. Struggled to brush my teeth as it would make me constantly throw up.

10 Weeks.
- Had a day off work due to sickness, but was fine after a couple of hours in the morning.

-I thought I couldn't deal with this sickness anymore. I couldn't drink any more then a sip of water at a time, or keep any more then a small meal of food down a day. I couldn't move from bed or any part of my body without vomiting. I was vomiting about 10 times a day. 

11 Weeks.
- Still fairly nauseous, especially from smells, but fine to work and do daily things. Had gained 4 kilos already. Had trouble with pre natal vitamins, and was sick when I brushed my teeth. Scan showed that the baby was measuring 2 days ahead.

-I couldn't even look on Facebook or Instagram as a picture of food would make me vomit. All the house hold chores was left to my husband as 90% of the time I couldn't get out of bed or off the couch. Days where I had been in bed I forced myself to go on the couch so I could at least see my son. I would cry constantly because I just didn't want to go through this anymore but knew it would only last a couple more weeks so I dealt with it.

12 Weeks.
- Morning Sickness began to ease up, and since I could feel the baby start to wiggle it made it all worth it.

- Went to the hospital as things weren't easing but only become worse, had fluids through the IV which made my dehydration headache instantly go, was given a shot of Zofran and a packet of Maxalon. I had felt my best I had all pregnancy after this. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis.

13 Weeks.
- Only throwing up in the morning every few days. Took a day off work as I threw up and was exhausted.

- Maxalon helped take the edge of the sickness for a couple of hours, but my vomiting would return hours before I could take more. Maxalon made me very tired. Doctors appointment, I hadn't gained any weight yet (usually I gain weight very very quickly and easily, even though most people with Hyperemesis loose heaps of weight, I only maintained my weight), given a script for more maxalon and was sent to have a scan as the doctor was concerened about the amount I had thrown up. Still struggling to brush my teeth and my asthma was so bad due to me throwing up so much.

14 Weeks.
-Sickness had pretty much eased except for the odd feeling sick or throwing up probably once a week, if that.

-Maxalon made me more tired then helping with the sickness. But I was starting to be able to drink and eat. Husband was on cooking duties now as the smell would make me throw up, and I often left the table while eating to throw up. I couldn't even go into the pantry without throwing up. Had some bleeding so went to the hospital where they said it was because I was throwing up so much there was too much pressure on my cervix. Scan revealed baby was fine. Baby was now measuring 14 days behind.

15-20 Weeks.
- Possibly threw up twice in these 5 weeks, was able to go on a holiday and enjoy myself and do all the daily activities plus working. Had gained around 10 kilo by 20 weeks. Had our 20 week scan and baby measured 4 days ahead. Was tired and had back pain.

- Sickness never settled and uterus was measuring three weeks behind at 17 weeks. I hadn't gained any weight until 17 weeks, and 'bump' hadn't started showing yet. Was given two other drugs, Zofran and Restivit which helped so much with the sickness. Zofran was my main help. Was very dependent on the drugs to have a normal day and began finally taking chewable prenatel vitamins. Although I still had terrible days where I would vomit blood, and every morning I would vomit bile. 20 week scan showed that the baby had started catching up to size very quickly, although still behind a week. Car trips made me feel really sick and I would often vomit when we had stopped. Some times I struggled to get out of the car after a drive, even if it was for 10 minutes as I was so sick. Eyes had become very black and sunken. 

20-25 Weeks.
Same gestation with both of my pregnancies.
-No sickness and another scan showed that the baby was measuring well still. Had back pain and exhaustion. Had gained around 12 kilo at this point, and blood pressure had started to rise.

-Had good days and bad days, the good days were starting to outweigh the bad, but when it was bad I couldn't keep anything down for a couple of days. Husband was still cooking as much as he could but I was able to do a bit more around the house. Had began gaining weight and belly had 'popped'. Was able to do daily activities thanks to the drugs I was on, which I was still very dependent on, but if I did too much I was very sick for a couple of days. Had started increasing my Zofran dose as my body is getting too use to it and it's not working as well. Had gained a significant amount of weight as my body was in 'starvation mode' and stored a lot of the food that I could keep down. But have not gained anything since 19 weeks. Blood pressure was rising the same as my first pregnancy too. Car sickness had started to get worse and I often needed my husband to pull over so I could be sick even if it was a 10 minute drive. Some days I wouldn't throw up at all!! But that wouldn't last more then two days and I would have a terrible day to make up for it.

25-30 Weeks.

- I have only thrown up once in this entire time, yey! I've been able to organise my baby shower, go to work and live as normal as possible. I feel the best I have all pregnancy, I'm surprised, I thought this would be the hardest part. Blood pressure is rising very high though, doctors are concerned for pre-eclampsia.

-I have been too ill to help my mum organise my baby shower, I have had to cancel it. Although the sickness is starting to slightly ease up, I'm so exhausted from being so sick. I have no goodness left in my body. There are days where I survive of a Zooper Dooper. Those Zooper Doopers have been my life saver! I have had to have a few extra check ups due to bleeding so much from my cervix from the hard vomiting. I can no longer see my GP and need to be on the watchful eye of the hospital. I fainted while out and about and often feel really faint.  They are considering putting a stitch in my cervix. They belive bub will be 5 pounds at the very most full term, Im so worries about that too!! I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. The doctor believes that it's because my body has been in starvation mode for too long, it's storing everything, even sugar! I have also been diagnosed with pre-natel depression. This is all too much. I just can't take another day of this!!!!

30-35 Weeks.

-I have now finished work and enjoying pottering around at home, cleaning up what I can and making the house ready for baby. I had a wonderful time at my baby shower. I have been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia so am worried about my blood pressure. I am retaining so much fluid. Attending my sisters wedding where I went into pre labour! Ready for this pregnancy to be over!!

-This is the best I have felt all pregnancy, thank goodness, I am definitely making the most of it! I still have bad days, but I'm feeling more abe to do alot of things! Feeling very very thankful after feeling like death for 7 months!!

35-40 weeks.

- I can't remember the last time I've been sick, but I'm SO ready for this pregnancy to be over! After being in and out of early labour for a couple of weeks, a stay in hospital since bub decided to come early, and then not, I was finally induced at 38 weeks because I have had such bad pre eclampsia that has turned into eclampsia. Baby boy was born, a healthy 8 pounds 5 ounces.. gorgeous darling Jydan!!

- I have started to spend alot of one on one time with my son since I missed out on so very much of him. I was feeling alot better until the last two weeks. I feel like I am at the start of my pregnancy again and can't even get out of bed. I'm hot and sweaty from being so sick, and shaking. I've been begging the hospital to get this baby out. I'm tempted to cut this baby out myself. Finally baby came at 39 + 5 weeks, weighing 6 pounds 11. A tiny diabetes baby. However we're grateful for GD in the end, we believe that's helped bub grow. Needed loads of nausea medication during birth. SOOOO glad its done. Just hours after I had bub I couldn't believe how amazing I felt.. I felt so good I was walking about just hours after my Cesarean and only had panadol for the pain. That's what happens when you've just had 9 months of hell.

I should of gone to hospital plenty more times then I did, but I just didn't know the complications or symptoms of being so dehydrated from being so sick. I felt silly that my body was so sick this time. But it's not silly, it's pregnancy illness that's completely different to morning sickness that needs more awareness.

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Camille Griffiths said...

I'm so sorry you have to go through such a rough second pregnancy. I feel I can barely get through my morning sickness some days, so I can't imagine how tough having Hyperemesis is.