Monday, January 18, 2016

My Jamberry Wish List! - Mummy Monday - PT 7

My Jamberry Wish List! - Mummy Monday - PT 7

Jamberry was launched in Australia just a few months ago and I've already been to 6 different Jamberry parties and about to host my very own!! While checking out all the pretty little jams I want, I had to write it all down. The Jams are SO cute, I had to share!
I also have some of their nail care products on my list too...

Here's my list of my favourite Jam's and Jamberry products!

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Comment and tell me your favourite Jams too!

What I already own & some MUST HAVES;


What I want to add;

My wish list

Unsure about Jams? Check out how PERFECT they compliment any outfit!!


Want to check out MORE??

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