Monday, July 11, 2016

Chasing Dreams.

Chasing dreams.

Something I always dreamt of but never had the ambition to fight for them. I can be completely impulsive, loud and obnoxious rolled up into a strong fightful woman, yet my ambition for dreams was never the focus of my mind. In fact, giving up before I got romately close to succeeding is something i do often.

I always felt dream empty. Hunger for more, but empty.
Instead I filled my evenings scrolling through useless shit from people i barely even say hello to on social media, pretending that it all matters in the real world. I wanted deeper but wasn't even willing to scratch a surface.

And then my path changed. I decided that there is an entire world out there and everything that I ever wanted to do was in reach.

My story isn't exactly a fairytale. In fact, there are such dark pieces of hell mixed in with my beautiful puzzle. Or possibly that's what a fairytale is. In the end? Or for now.. My story has only just begun. So here I am, a Queen.

Queen. Ruler of my own self. Ruler of my own life. Finding myself, embracing myself and being myself. 

Now I find myself chasing incredible hights that I'm not sure what mountain to climb first. What chapter do I turn to first? What path do I take. What needs to be done this week to make my goals successful.

 What dreams will I accomplish first?

I have revised my life plan and goals and filled it with so much adventure, success and plans.

I can't get there by doing nothing about them. Even in the depths of sleep deprivation I've made a decision to reach them. Today determines tomorrow's success, and I can't wait to see where that brings.

-Harley xx

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