Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Deepest Strength.

Be still
Be present
Be completely there.
Be in each and every single moment.
Because only then will you be completely satisfied that you gave it all.
When you've dissected every ounce of everything.
When you pull apart every single string that's falling apart.
When you shred every layer.
You will know that the only thing left fighting for is you.
You, yourself, your inner soul.
You will realize and know that your being matters.
You will find in the midst of it all you lost the most precious jewel.
The finest piece of your crown.
And you will have the strength to search for it...
Because even though everything told you to give up.
Everything told you that you can't pull through anymore.
When your inner voice told you that it's no longer worth it...
When you were on your knees feeling the weakness of hell.
In the deepest and most loneliness pits of darkness.
You were strong enough to keep going.
And that, that right there is the definition of strength.
That strength will be the foundation of your new being.
It will take you to new heights you never thought you would reach.
Your wings will continue to grow.
You will be unstoppable, unbreakable, unchangeable.
You will be the most rarest of diamonds.
You will be you.
And that, that right there will be worth it all.

Harley x

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