Sunday, July 24, 2016

When did you grow?

When did you grow?
I seem to have missed it.
A week rolled into months that rolled into years and all of a sudden I'm enrolling you for school!

As I watch you paint on your easel I'm reminded of just how much your incredible little human self is learning.
Painting people and faces, and gardens and trucks, moving onto the next game like a gypsy, like your entire world is imaginary.

You have taught me so much about your beautiful life, just as much as I have taught you.
You get so excited telling me all about recent things you have learned. And I do back because I know I've taught you.

Sometimes I wish I could just pause time. Days like today, when the day is peaceful and calm and fun. When we're cutting sandwiches into elephants and cars. When we're going for walks by the river. These days. Because in a few short months you're off to school.

I will no longer be the only one teaching your mind. I will no longer be the only person you need to learn from. You will no longer be a little boy who's too young for school. You will be my school child.

We have had the best (almost) four years at home. We have built such a strong bond. We have a box full of crafts, albums full of memories and a house full of love. I feel like we've accomplished so much.. I feel content with how much we've achieved... But now it's time for my little caterpillar to turn into a butterfly.

I can't wait to see how much you learn, to see you grow and to see the friends you make. But I will miss our days together SO much!

-Mummy xx

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