Thursday, August 25, 2016

Let's end the best mum comps!

Lets face it, birth is not a glamorous walk in the park. For me, it was brutal. For most it's brutal. No matter how we gave birth. And not one birth is more brutal than another. A VB or CS. Actually, most of the reason I went for an elective caesarian with my second was because I was so shit scared of a VB. I was also shit scared of my emergancy ceasarian. But when people say "oh you're lucky , I wish I had a caesarian" I cry inside. Yeah... I loved having my insides slaughted. It was so fucking fun I decided to do it again.

Let's stop the birth competition, the feeding competition, the pressure to be such a perfect mum that if we don't live up to our own standards we see a huge spike in post natal depression in society. This is the same society that tells us that things like cellulite and stretch marks, which are natural processes of our bodies are gross.

Let's stop thinking we don't mother enough compared to Mother Theresa.

 Let's stop getting caught up in objectifying mothers that mother differently to you or us or anyone else.

Let's just all drink wine, acknowledge how crap some days can be and Hi-5 each other with our arms that don't stop waving for another half an hour.

I have surrounded myself with encouraging, passionate, dedicated mums that mother like goddesses, and on bad days, they mother like bad arse goddesses!

 I caught up with a friend the other week who didn't do her hair. Her excuse "I thought stuff it, it's only Harley, she doesn't care!". I can't put into words how much I loved that sentence. I'm that friend that doesn't care! And I don't, I don't care if you're wearing makeup or not, I don't care if we catch up in your PJs, I don't care how you feed, and I certainly don't care (providing you're okay!) how you birthed!

Your neighbor screaming at their kids is doing amazing, you're girlfriend you no longer talk to is still doing amazing no matter how much you don't like her right now and YOU, YOU my dear are doing amazing.

Harley xx

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