Friday, September 30, 2016

I decided to befriend my bod.

I decided to befriend my bod.

I laid on the couch with my daughter who was curious about my body, no idea of the pressure to be perfect, just curious of this body thats different to her own.
Giggling at how my skin wrinkles and stretches. I was explaining that Mummys body is pretty darn clever, it made you and then fed you!

I realised in that moment, I had a revaluation. I don't care how my breats were when they were 18 years old, my breast have done more than just peeking out of a low cut top now.
My stomach has carried, created and birthed two beautiful humans by ceasarian.
Stretched skin and all.
I am now proud of the strength my body is giving me, pushing myself to learn things I never thought I would. My 'mum bod' doesn't change a thing, it doesn't slow me down, it doesn't make a difference, so why let it?... And it definitely doesnt change who I am inside.

I am not just this body, I am so much more than what is in the face of everyone else. I am deeper and I am blessed with the skin to be seen. I am blessed that my body has gone from A to Z and back again, my body has had two babies, fed two babies, has had two cesareans, my body has partied, my body has been young, my body has aged, my body has been 40 kilos heavier, my body has danced and swam and ran, my body has been overseas and back again, my body has been on planes and boats... my body is me!
 And I like me!
I have found me!
And I am proud to be me!

Body, what if I obsessed about all the things I liked about you instead?

-Harley xx

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