Sunday, November 27, 2016

Life right now = exhausting.

 Sickness has ruled my family for the last two weeks.
Realizing that sometimes putting your kids first IS working more / harder, but still trying to find balance as a work-at-home-mum, while gunning for a promotion.
 Balancing being the "perfect mum" with the "that'll do mum" , but still trying to meet every single on of their needs, While my daughter sports sleepless nights.
Teaching, educating, playing, cooking, cleaning. School, playgroup, playdates, appointments, work, Christmas organising and still have some me time and keeping friendships with my own friends.
Juggling the strain of "trying" to sort out belongings, finances and children and an up-coming divorce, and making our house more homely.
One of those weeks where everything falls apart at once and you just can't please anyone... Which I care about way more than I like to admit.
 I'm just... Exhausted right now.

I know it's only a season and 'this too shall pass', and I wouldn't change a thing (maybe some more sleep, and a cleaning fairy), I love my children MORE than anything in this world, but bring on all the coffee right now! And redbull with breakfast may just be becoming more regular!

-Harley xx

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