Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Well, you'll go down in history for the most craziest year, won't you! You will be remembered as the year I understood Brittany Spears 07 more than ever, and the year I made the toughest decisions.
However, thanks for teaching me patience, love, organisation and kindness.

I realize how much I've accomplished this year, traveling to Singapore, finding incredible happiness, contentness & confidence, losing weight, becoming a DIRECTOR with Scentsy, meeting people & making friends, my business soaring, my kids soaring, my friendships blossoming! I've cried more than ever, screamed more than ever, had more meltdowns than I can count and laughed more than I have in a very long time.

I've been through clouds, had breakfests pool sides, climbed up poles, been eaten by fish, been on planes and faresswheals, taxis in other countries & theme park rides. Ive dieted & induldged. I've been creative, independent & strong. I've made dresses, cakes, and homes. Flower picking, wine drinking, dancing, got fit. I've built a business, and two fierce little people. I've lived.

Ive truely lived.

  Here's to 12 more opportunities & 365 more chances. ❤

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