Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mummy rambles of starting school!

Is it okay to call the school to tell them to put on Jydans jumper?
It's cold. It's going to rain. Can I ask them not to send him outside? It's cold. He's going to get sick. It's going to rain. He doesn't have his jumper on!!! Can they put the heater on? Why dont the school pants come in smaller sizes??
 Talking of pants, I hope he remembers to go to the toilet!! He gets so distracted! I've packed him spare pants, but what if he forgets they're in his bag?
Will the teacher remind him? She has so many other kids. What if she forgets about him?
Did I pack him enough lunch?
Can he open the packets?
Will he like his food?
Will he have enough time to eat?
Has he got enough water??

He's only FOUR!!! Like baby four, just turned four, not ready to leave home yet, four!
He still likes sleepy cuddles and comfort teddies, four!

What if he doesn't make friends?
What if he's naughty??
What if he gets sad?
What happens if he wants to take a nap!
What if he hurts himself?
What if he misses me!!

It takes 20 minutes to walk to school, that's way too long. I need to move closer. What if he needs me now, and I'm just sitting on the couch looking through photos of him. I should be waiting at the school. I should of lied about his age. He's too young. He should of waited another 10 years.

What if I picked the wrong school??
What if he has an allergic reaction?

My home isn't the same, I need my little man back, is it too late to keep him home?

I'm the last mumma to leave and the first mumma at pickup, counting down the hours until I pick my biggest cub up.

If I like it or not, he's off and growing up, and absolutely loving it. He's never been so excited.

- Harley xx

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