Friday, April 14, 2017

Five years ago.

Five years ago I announced that I was going to be a mumma!

I never imagined my son would be so beautiful. Have the most precious heart. Be so sweet. So loving. So passionate. So wise. My voice of reason.
I never imagined I would then have a daughter. Who was so energetic. So loving. So precious. So playful. So strong. My mini me.

I never envisioned I would be a single mum of two.

I had no idea that my life would be here 5 years later. And it's far from my "five year plan". But I wouldn't change a thing. Although right now I'm sick and absolutely exhausted and every single day I fail at this mum-life-gig
I had absolutely no idea my life would be so richly blessed with a full heart, full hands and most if the time a very full head!

How lucky am I!

-Harley xx

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